Sleep Management Program for improving Sleep quality in the post-Covid era by Morpheus Healthcare

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COVID-19 has impacted sleep-health in many ways. There is a massive increase in the number of people complaining of sleep-related issues with the major complaints being of delayed sleep onset, fragmented sleep, or poor-quality sleep in general. With the changes in lifestyle, work-from-home and less exposure to the outdoors - a significant spike in sleep disorders is now being observed especially in the age group of 25-35 years.

Aprameya Rajput, a Certified Clinical Sleep Health Counsellor certified by BRPT, USA, and accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine; has recently developed a Sleep Management Program for improving Sleep quality in the post-Covid era. Aprameya is the founder of Morpheus Healthcare, a company that provides diagnostic, consultation as well as therapeutic services across all disorders related to Sleep and Respiratory Medicine.

According to Mr. Aprameya Rajput, “there is nearly a 40% increase in the number of people visiting us for Insomnia now. Social isolation, financial/job insecurity, stigmatization of individuals with COVID-19, the constant media exposure to reports of rising infections and deaths, and stories of near and dear ones succumbing to the disease all lead to a sense of helplessness, anxiety, and stress which may trigger sleep concerns”.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder condition in which one experiences an inability to fall asleep, stay asleep or maintain sleep for an adequate number of hours. Poor quality of sleep for a consistent period of time leads to low productivity, excessive tiredness, and fatigue and significantly impacts work and social life. There are two kinds of insomnia condition first related to life events and lifestyle such as a job loss or change, death of loved one, stress, change in sleeping time, etc and the second is related to health issues like asthma, arthritis, cancer, heartburn or any health issue. The impact of this insomnia condition could last for the short term as well as long term, which later could become chronic and disturb your quality of life and productivity.

The Sleep Management Program introduced by Morpheus Healthcare for Insomnia and Other Sleep-Related Disorders helps the patients to identify and treat the problem at ease. The medical team at Morpheus consists of experts and medical professionals who can assess the patient's condition, lifestyle, sleep behavior, and medical history and start the recovery management program. Certain examinations followed with medical consultation along with advice on lifestyle changes are recommended with regular guided counseling sessions to manage and improve sleep quality.

A holistic treatment approach included advising certain behavioral changes to align the body’s circadian rhythm. Some of the suggestions include fixed timings of wake up and sleep time on all days including Sundays; getting sunlight exposure immediately after waking up for 60-90 mins, avoid consumption of caffeine after 5 pm, and establishing a strong sleep ritual which could include light reading and calming music. Additionally, the program covers the impact of nutrition, exercise, and aromatherapy on sleep. The Program also educates about the link between sleep and the immune system “There is a bidirectional link between sleep and the immune system. Sleep is paramount during the COVID-19 pandemic because of its vast benefits for both physical and mental health, which include strengthening the immune system, improves brain function, enhances mood & improves mental health. Good sleep is considered as the best medicine to overcome any infection and particularly seen in the Covid cases”, says Aprameya Rajput.