'Slandering by kangaroo court': DU Professor Abhinav Prakash slams JNUSU for poster that calls him a 'traitor'

Delhi University Assistant Professor and, as his Twitter bio puts it, "JNU survior", Abhinav Prakash on Friday took to Twitter to criticise the JNU Students Union for "cheap theatrics".

He shared a photo on Twitter where, akin to a 'wanted' poster, the visages of four people can be seen.

"Traitors of JNU, Architects of Violence" the flyer says. Below that are the photos of Tapan Bihari, Prakasha Chandra Sahoo, Dhananjay SIngh and Abhinav Prakash.

Below Prakash's name the poster calls him an "RSS troll" who "made recon videos to help masked goons run rampage inside Sabarmati".

And the bottom of the flyer, there is a rather ominous reminder that "nothing will be forgotten, nothing will be forgiven".

"I know JNU left doesn’t like my dissent & challenge to their narrative but this is new low even by ur standards. This slandering & fake accusation by kangaroo court may force me to take legal action. Kindly inform those involved," Prakash wrote.

On January 5, more than 30 students of the university, including JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh, were injured and taken to the AIIMS Trauma Centre after a masked mob entered the varsity and attacked them and professors with sticks and rods.

The Delhi Police on Friday released pictures of nine suspects in the JNU violence case and claimed JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh was one of them, five days after a masked mob assaulted students on the varsity's campus, leaving 35 injured, including her. Vikas Patel and Yogendra Bharadwaj, both from the ABVP, are among the nine suspects in the case.

Many on Twitter supported Prakash, calling the posters "vile".

(With inputs from agencies)