SkyWire announces strategic partnership with Inoday Consultancy in Asia

Las Vegas, Feb.6 (ANI): SkyWire, a global hospitality technology solutions provider with patents on integrated mobile marketing, will further increase its international presence through a strategic partnership enabling, India-based inoday to deliver SkyWire solutions throughout the region. "We are excited to partner with SkyWire and extend both of our complimentary technical capabilities through-out India. POS can't remain the need or necessity; But Every Cash Counter deserve it," said Prabhat Ranjan, CIO and COO of inoday. More than 2000 jobs are on offer at inoday following its recent association with Skywire. "Through this association, we will have a powerful combination of some of the leading brands in property management, hotel and restaurant, POS space with Skywire's unparalleled expertise in retail solutions. We are inviting every big and small retail houses for free demonstration," Ranjan added. India is currently experiencing an explosive growth in the hospitality sector. As part of the arrangement, inoday will handle sales, implementation and support in Asia for SkyWire property management (PMS), point of sale (POS), Time and Attendance, and Spa software products. Leveraging inoday's innovative talents and understanding of the region's needs, this partnership will allow SkyWire to expand its technology footprint with Retail Shops, Hotels, Restaurants, Stadiums and Cruise Ships across the continent. "The technology team at inoday has really impressed us with their sales and technology capabilities, and will drive value with the SkyWire brand in Asia," said Shawn Harris, CEO of SkyWire. "Seeing the huge potential market in this geographical region, inoday understands the value of having partnership with a company who has a high-quality and credible PMS, POS, labor management and Spa software offerings," Harris stated further. SkyWire is a global hospitality solutions provider, SMS mobile marketing and mobile application development company as well as a cutting edge mobile content enabler (MCE). SkyWire is a business and marketing technology firm that specializes in tools for the hospitality industry. Aside from offering full creative advertising services as well as PMS, POS, labor management and Spa software. Inoday is a leading software development company with expertise in developing custom POS and ERP system for different business verticals. (ANI)

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