Skydiving FAIL! Lucky Woman Survives a Fall of 1.5km From the Sky After Parachute Doesn’t Open

Team Latestly

A woman's horrific accident while skydiving in Canada will make anyone think twice about venturing into the adventurous sport again. The thought of plunging from a height into the sky and flying with the help of a parachute sure seems exhilarating. But a woman from Canada fell off for more than 1.5 kilometers as the parachute did not open and has luckily survived the fall. 30-year-old is incredibly lucky, although now she has fractured bones and broken vertebrae. Oldest Skydiver in the World: Video of 102-Year-Old Adorable Grandmother Jumping in Australia Goes Viral.

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The incident took place Trois-Rivières in Quebec and not just the main parachute but even the backup parachute refused to open. The woman went solo diving and landed straight into a wooded area when the parachutes did not open. Denis Demers, who saw the scary incident right in front of her told Radio Canada, "It's a miracle. I don't know how a person can survive a fall from an airplane like that." While Demers witnessed it from a distance, Océane Duplessis was aboard the same plane and saw the woman fall to the ground. In fact, she was the one to leap next and we can only imagine the fear that must've gripped her right after.

Watch Video of the Skydiving in Trois-Rivières in Quebec:

The woman is currently recovering in the hospital after that terrible fall. The police informed that it wasn't her first time with the sport. Although they are investigating the case for criminal negligence. In the month of June, a plane carrying passengers for skydiving had crashed, killing all 11 people. There were three customers and six people from the employees of the skydiving company. These incidents are quite scary for anyone else too who might want to give this sport a try.

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