Sky Cinema and NOW: Everything new in May 2021

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'The Secrets We Keep', 'Tenet' and 'Bloods'. (Credit: Sky Cinema/NOW/Warner Bros)
'The Secrets We Keep', 'Tenet' and 'Bloods'. (Credit: Sky Cinema/NOW/Warner Bros)

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It's a busy month for TV over at Sky Cinema and NOW, with a whole host of new shows and miniseries set to debut during the month of May. These include a documentary by the prolific filmmaker Alex Gibney and the first run of HBO sci-fi series The Nevers, arriving fresh from its airing in the USA.

On the film front, there's a new football documentary for fans of the Red Devils, a dark thriller set in the aftermath of the Second World War and an A-list comedy-drama starring Allison Janney, Mila Kunis, Regina Hall and Awkwafina. Then, archive-wise, there's Christopher Nolan's latest blockbuster Tenet and Sylvester Stallone actioner Rambo: Last Blood.

Here's everything coming to Sky Cinema and NOW during May...

New movies on Sky Cinema and NOW in May

The Secrets We Keep (14 May)

'The Secrets We Keep'. (Credit: Sky Cinema/NOW)
'The Secrets We Keep'. (Credit: Sky Cinema/NOW)

Noomi Rapace leads this thriller, playing a Romanian refugee seeking revenge in the years following World War Two. She kidnaps a man — portrayed by Joel Kinnaman — whom she believes to be a German soldier guilty of perpetrating horrifying war crimes. Released last year in the USA to decent reviews, this looks well worth a watch for those in search of thrills. 

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The United Way (24 May)

'The United Way'. (Credit: Sky/NOW)
'The United Way'. (Credit: Sky/NOW)

Football documentaries are coming thick and fast at the moment, and there are two based in the world of Manchester United arriving this month alone. Amazon Prime Video is debuting Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In, while Sky has The United Way — directed by Mat Hodgson. The film traces the club's history from its early beginnings to the Busy Babes and the most recent era shepherded by former player turned manager Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer.

Breaking News in Yuba County (28 May)

'Breaking News in Yuba County'. (Credit: Sky/NOW)
'Breaking News in Yuba County'. (Credit: Sky/NOW)

An incredible ensemble cast sits at the centre of The Help filmmaker Tate Taylor's comedy-drama Breaking News in Yuba County. Allison Janney is not happy with her husband and, when he dies, she opts to bury the body and report him as missing. The subsequent tabloid frenzy turns her into a celebrity, but naturally things go very wrong for her. The rest of the female-led ensemble includes Mila Kunis, Regina Hall, Awkwafina, Juliette Lewis and Wanda Sykes.

New TV on Sky Cinema and NOW in May

Exterminate All The Brutes (1 May, all episodes)

'Exterminate All The Brutes'. (Credit: Sky/NOW/HBO)
'Exterminate All The Brutes'. (Credit: Sky/NOW/HBO)

I Am Not Your Negro filmmaker Raoul Peck helms this four-part series dealing with the history of European colonialism in unflinching fashion. It serves as a timely examination of white supremacy and the horrific, blood-stained history of the world.

Bloods (5 May, all episodes)

'Bloods'. (Credit: Sky/NOW)
'Bloods'. (Credit: Sky/NOW)

The odd couple is perhaps the oldest and most reliable sitcom setup in the book. In Bloods, the story unfolds in the world of paramedics. Young loner Maleek (Samson Kayo) is paired with friendly divorcée Wendy (Jane Horrocks), creating an unusual dynamic that eventually allows both of them to come out of their shells and learn about themselves.

Age of the Big Cats (8 May, all episodes)

Some of the most exciting technical innovations in documentary filmmaking are deployed in the making of nature programmes. Certainly, Age of the Big Cats has an intriguing and advanced toolkit behind it, including new night vision and super slow-motion cameras. 

The Most Dangerous Animal of All (8 May, all episodes)

True crime documentary series have proven to be the hottest commodity of the streaming era, especially with people on the hunt for fresh material during the various COVID-19 lockdowns. This four-part series — based on a bestselling book — traces the story of a man who, in searching for his absentee father, comes to believe he is the infamous Zodiac Killer.

Salvage Kings S2 (10 May)

Salvage teams delve into the wreckage of demolished buildings and landmarks in order to discover anything of value or historical merit amid the rubble.

Legends of the Deep (12 May, all episodes)

This three-part series follows husband and wife filmmaking team Fabien and Céline Cousteau as they attempt to solve maritime mysteries including the Bermuda Triangle and the infamous Shag Harbour UFO incident.

There’s Something About Movies S4 (13 May)

Alan Carr hosts film-based panel show 'There's Something About Movies'. (Credit: Justin Downing/Sky/NOW)
Alan Carr hosts film-based panel show 'There's Something About Movies'. (Credit: Justin Downing/Sky/NOW)

Alan Carr returns to front the fourth series of this anarchic panel show, which balances movie trivia with hilarious re-enactments of some of the most famous moments in film history. Regular panellists Jennifer Saunders, Michael Sheen and Tom Allen are back for more.

Domina (14 May, all episodes)

From Fortitude writer Simon Burke, Domina explores the history of Ancient Rome from the perspective of Livia Drusilla — the wife of Augustus Caesar. It follows her from childhood to her rise to ultimate power at the helm of one of history's most dominant empires.

The Crime of the Century (15 May, all episodes)

Alex Gibney has taken on the likes of Wikileaks and the Church of Scientology with his acclaimed documentaries. His latest two-part doc delves into the opioid epidemic in America, with heavy criticism of Big Pharma and the political and financial movements which have enabled such an enormous public health emergency.

The Nevers (17 May, all episodes)

'The Nevers'. (Credit: Sky/NOW/HBO)
'The Nevers'. (Credit: Sky/NOW/HBO)

Focusing on Victorian women who acquire supernatural abilities, The Nevers was initially created for HBO by Joss Whedon. He stepped aside late last year and was replaced as showrunner by British screenwriter Philippa Goslett. Laura Donnelly and Ann Skelly are among the actors who portray characters affected by the sudden manifestation of these abilities, forming a group known as "The Touched". 

Secrets of The Viking Stone (17 May, all episodes)

Actor Peter Stormare and graphic designer Elroy Balgaard front this series. The two history enthusiasts embark upon a quest to establish the authenticity of the Kensington Runestone, which has been dismissed as a hoax despite those who claim it to be a crucial historical find.

The Live Revival (22 May, all episodes)

Commissioned by Sky Arts, this series focuses on music venues which are struggling in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Artists including Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, Amy Macdonald and Frank Turner will perform one-off concerts in support of the venues.

City on a Hill S2 (25 May)

Kevin Bacon returns for the second season of this crime drama, in which he plays corrupt FBI official Jackie Rohr — a man attempting to exploit the justice system for his own ends. Aldis Hodge portrays the District Attorney on his case.

Breeders S2 (27 May, all episodes)

'Breeders'. (Credit: Sky/NOW)
'Breeders'. (Credit: Sky/NOW)

Martin Freeman and Daisy Haggard are back as the parents at the heart of this comedy series, which focuses on the various troubles and complexities of parenthood. For Freeman, it's a partially autobiographical tale and he's joined on writing duties by The Thick of It star Chris Addison and that show's seasoned writer Simon Blackwell.

Kidz Bop Live in Concert (28 May, all episodes)

This exclusive Sky series, running to five episodes, follows the popular group Kidz Bop as they prepare for a huge concert. Expect peppy covers of well-known songs.

MacGyver S5 (30 May)

The rebooted series of Macgyver now runs for five seasons, with this confirmed as the final run. Lucas Till again plays the titular government agent well known for his ability to engineer crime fighting solutions out of clever plans and elaborate feats rather than simply waving a gun around.

SWAT S4 (30 May)

The fourth season of this action-drama continues to focus on tensions between police and the local community in Los Angeles. Shemar Moore returns as former Marine turned cop Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson Jr.

Other movies and TV on Sky Cinema and NOW

1 May

Heat (1995)

Horrible Bosses (2011) and Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

Pan's Labyrinth (2006)

7 May

Tenet (2020)

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10 May

Pip & Posy (all episodes)

17 May

The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020)

21 May

Rambo: Last Blood (2019)

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22 May

Roads Not Taken (2020)

23 May

Echo Boomers (2020)

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