Skeleton found in Bengaluru city’s drain by sanitation workers

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On a quiet Monday afternoon, sanitation workers in Vijayanagar area, were on their usual duty when they found something out of the ordinary in one of the canals they were cleaning. While attempting to take a closer look, they were shocked to realise that a skeleton was lying in the drain. The workers immediately dialled the police who arrived at the scene to examine the skeleton. This incident took place in the western part of Bengaluru city. 

Speaking to TNM, the investigating officer, Sathish revealed that the skeleton was that of a man. He also told that the skeleton found in the canal was intact.

“The skeleton was spotted near a marriage hall in the Vijayanagar area. After the initial survey of the site, we sent the skeleton for a forensic examination in Bengaluru’s Victoria Hospital and are awaiting results. The experts will also carry out a DNA test,” said the officer. 

The skeleton was found in the dried-up dirt and debris caused during re-opening of the drain. 

What surprised the police and the sanitation workers alike was the fact that the drain was closed by Bengaluru’s civic body Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike four years ago and has not been opened since then until today. 

“We are also surprised as to how the skeleton got there. We were suspecting that it possibly got stuck in the drain after descending from an open-end of the canal,” said the officer. He further added that they are looking through the missing persons’ files to find any leads. However, nothing can be ascertained until the forensic reports arrive, added the inspector.


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