#SixWordHorror Stories: Scary Tiny Tales Woven By Twitterati Can Frighten the Living Daylights Outta You

Team Latestly
Horror fans have crowded on the micro-blogging platform with the scariest stories they have ever known.

What is the greatest horror story you have ever heard? If you are going to name the authors of crime thrillers, then you haven't seen the latest Twitter trend. Horror fans have crowded on the micro-blogging platform with the scariest stories they have ever known. While some have the potential to incite fear in you, others will tickle the funny bone in you. Dubbed as the 'six-word horror story', the trend kickstarted, thanks to animation and comic writer Gail Simone, who challenged her followers to come up with the tiny stories on Twitter. Assam Police's Tweet on Seizing 600 Kgs of Marijuana Gets Twitterati High on Sarcasm, Check Funny Tweets.

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She tweeted saying, "Today's challenge isn't new, but I still think it's fun. Write a horror story in six words. Please use the hashtag #SixWordHorror." The hashtag became so popular that people have deviated from the actual aim to fill Twitter with horror stories to cracking jokes. Some even took against popular politicians, government organisations and institutions pointing fingers at their inadequacy in doing certain works.

One of the horror stories read, "She smiled. Her reflection did not" while another one is "Stars have aligned. The cemetery's alive." Some also addressed the issue of climate change, deforestation, global warming using the hashtag. People also showed off their comical timings using the six-word horror story hashtag. Some of it included "Everyone can see your chat history", "Can you come into work early?" among others.

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Check out the tweets below:

Now, that's scary!

Real-life horror story!

Sad horror story

Right out of a horror movie

Unchangeable horror

Now, that's a believable horror story

Internet is a place where everything is known for going viral. From complete crap to utter geniuses, you can meet everyone on this social media platform. As Twitterati are having a great time coming up with new six-word horror stories, we would like to know, if you have any in store. Do let us know in the comments section below.