The Six Times That Katrina Kaif Has Left Her Men Heartbroken

Katrina Kaif (or let’s say her movie characters) has always played it safe. And we have proof for you to show how the roles that she has played didn’t like putting all the eggs in one basket. No misplaced loyalties here, just playing it smart. All through her movie career, she’s happened to choose roles where she is set to marry ‘Mr A’, but just ends up realising how much better 'Mr B’ is, and therefore comes the ‘bum pe laath’.

Humko Deewana Kar Gaye

Business tycoon’s daughter, Jia, is engaged to Karan Oberoi (played by Anil Kapoor). And we know what happens then? Fate, destiny, LOVE! She literally ends up bumping into Akshay Kumar and gives Anil Kapoor bum pe laath!

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Namastey London

Born and brought up in London, Jazz dreams of marrying an English man with that accent. Her Punjabi dad blackmails her and forcefully marries her to a jatt da puttar on her trip to India. But then Jazz begins to sway between Charlie and Arjun, because Charlie may be English and all, but hero toh Arjun hai bhai. And when she finally gets to know that Arjun knows how to speak English (you know the scene where Akshay Kumar steals everyone’s heart in the climax), Jazz sprints for Arjun and Charlie gets a bum pe laath!

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Singh Is Kinng

Sonia (the lawyer) meets Happy (the troublemaker) in Egypt and Happy falls in love with her instantly. I guess there’s no surprise there. As the story unfolds, Happy is seen helping Sonia’s kind mother to please her wealthy fiancé Puneet (played by Ranvir Shorey, just if you don’t remember him). But then the kind hearted ‘Kinng’ Happy, slowly and steadily, steals Sonia’s heart and Puneet gets bum pe laath!

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Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

Jenny finds a trusting friend in Prem. But you know how guys misunderstand friendly talk with LOUUUVE! Prem realises that Jenny loves Rahul and starts helping her ‘as a friend.’ Magar, ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi hote boss! Jenny realises how Rahul is a coward and its Prem who’s stuck with her through thick and thin, and Jenny gives Rahul a bum pe laath!

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Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Dimple is a lively, here and now person, who lives life to the fullest (cliche alert). At 27, she decides she will go for an arranged marriage which is likely to give her a chance to look for the ‘right package.’ Luv (played by Ali Zafar) is chosen as the person and hey guess what? His brother, Kush, and Dimple already know each other. As they prepare for the grand wedding, Dimple and Kush realise they love each other and end up manipulating their families to marry each other and needless to say Luv gets sorta bum pe laath!

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Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Meera, a successful business woman, meets Samar at her engagement party where Samar challenges her to break free and loosen up. Ishq shaava ho jaata hai aur saans mein saans mil jaati hai. Meera and Samar break all boundaries and fall in love with each other. But the weird character Meera is, she makes a promise to Jesus and hopes Samar lives a long life when he meets a near fatal accident. But you soon realise how the fiancé (Roger) has already gotten a good bum pe laath!

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