Six things you should not put in washing machine

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Six things you should not put in washing machine
Six things you should not put in washing machine

29 Jan 2021: Six things you should not put in washing machine

Have you come across your socks getting torn inside the washing machine or your clothes getting a different hue?

It's the result of us not realizing that washing machines have their limitations. Not respecting the limits will not only harm our clothes but also damage the machine.

To make things easy, we have listed six things that are best washed outside your washing machine.

Swimwear: Swimwear loses its structure in the washing machine

Swimwear's material is often non-resistant to heat. The machine heat generated by the wash cycle and its sheer force make the material lose its elasticity faster.

Consequently, its straps and inner structure get damaged easily, ruining your swimsuit. Unless your washing machine has a specific wash program for swim wears, it is best to hand-wash them.

Bras and Corsets: Machine's force can deform bras' under-wire or the push-up filler

These dainty little lady things can prove gruesome for even the toughest of washing machines. The force of the wash cycle can deform their underwire or the push-up filler, rendering them useless to wear.

Simultaneously, they have several hooks, under-wire, etc., that can actually cause damage to the machine drum as well as a tear or snag the accompanying clothes.

Instructions: This is how they should be washed

The same goes for corsets. To be on the safe side, they should be hand-washed.

But if you need to machine wash them, you must put them inside a lingerie bag or even a pillow cover with hooks closed.

You can put them in the machine then and always run the device in a delicate or soft mode.

Details: Clothes with lace, embroidery, embellishments or sequins

Most of the sequins or embellishments are sewn-on or glued to the fabric. Even with a laundry bag, and the machine running in the gentle mode, they are sure to fall-off.

Moreover, the tiny sequins can block the machine pipes, damaging them.

The same goes for lace. Its fragile, net-like patterns fail to hold up with the force of the machine and often tear.

Fact: These clothes should not even be hand-washed

These clothes should not even be hand-washed. They are best dry-cleaned. If you are hand-washing them, you must use cold water and avoid wringing of any kind. It's best to follow the wash care instructions given on the label of such clothes.

Clothes with flammable stains: The heat of the machine can make the clothes combust

Items with flammable stains on them like gasoline, cooking oil, alcohol, etc. should not be placed directly into the washer. The high heat of the machine and the dryer can make the clothes combust, which, in turn, can spark and explode.

Even if it does not happen, the flammable residue would build-up in the machine, which can be dangerous in the future.

Running sneakers : The wash can peel-off the leather accents of the shoes

Washing sneakers in a machine is an easy trick considering how frequently the sneakers get dirty.

You can wash the canvas with ease in the machine, however, those crafted from leather or high-tech fibers are not washer-friendly.

The cycle wash can peel-off the leather accents or even shrink the size of the shoes. Instead, they must be cleaned following the instructions provided with them.

Unprepared zippers and buttons: Clothes must be completely zipped up before a machine wash

Be it jeans or any other clothes; they must be completely zipped up before a machine wash. This would prevent them from snagging other delicate clothes or scratching the drum's insides and causing any damage.

Similarly, you need to ensure that all buttons are unbuttoned completely before going inside the washer. The wash force can often tear the buttonholes.

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