Six Bru families return to Mizoram

Agartala, May 16(ANI): In a significant move aimed at restoring normalcy in the region, a group of Bru refugees from the Dhamcherra Khakchand refugee camp in

ipura returned to Mizoram under the Centre's repatriation process.

The convoy had 32 people including eight children.

They took refuge in camps 15 years ago after ethnic clashes between Brus and Reangs erupted in 1997.

"We lived in these camps for 15 years and now we are returning to Mizoram as my name is there for repatriation," said Ram Leana, one of the returning refugees said.

Many families, however, have refused to go back and have demanded a written agreement between Mizoram, Tripura and the central government and refugee leaders, ensuring the livelihood of Reang tribals in Mizoram and the constitution of a monitoring committee to supervise the settlement of homebound refugees.

Union Home Minister P Chidambaram had recently visited the refugee camps. He had also met Mizoram Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla and asked him to look into the matter.

"The Government of Mizoram will provide them a package of financial assistance of Rs 80,000 and enrollment in NREGA scheme," V Lal, a government official, said.

Till date over 790 families have been repatriated. However, nearly 6000 families are still based in six refugee camps in Tripura. (ANI)