Six biggest makeup sins

Debasmita Ghosh

New Delhi, Dec. 24 -- As they say, just a drop of lemon can spoil an entire bowl of milk, so goes with makeup. You might be wearing the most expensive and choicest attire, but lousy makeup can spoil your entire look and make you look like a fool in a party or on a date. "Makeup should just be treated as a means to enhance beauty and not an artificial mask," says Italian dermatologist, professor Torello Lotti, who's a skin consultant for many Hollywood and Bollywood celebs. Agrees makeup and beauty expert Aakriti Kochar of Oriflame India.

"Small things like badly-blended or the wrong shade of foundation, overtly dark eyebrows, mascara clumps on your eyelashes can completely ruin your look," says Kochar.

Also, make sure your makeup kit isn't too old, as spoilt makeup can play havoc on your look. It's also a good idea to take professional help in case you are not sure of the nitty-gritties and the perfect strokes. So, as you get set to scorch in the party season, ensure you do not commit these makeup faux pas.


Before you start with the whole makeup process, it's a great idea to hide marks and spots on your face with a concealer, but ensure you go for the right shade that matches your skin tone. Else, you might end up looking like US reality TV star Kim Kardashian here, who's otherwise quite a style pro but probably was in a hurry while doing up her under-eye concealing.


Putting on too much make up on your face like American singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera has done it here, can make you look quite a horror. Makeup is best kept simple and should never look like a mask.

Over-the-top makeup not only looks artificial but doesn't serve any purpose except for being an eye sore!


Control your emotions while filling the eye-brows. It's very important to know where to stop. Eyebrow pencils are meant to touch up your brows and not use like crayons. Use the eyebrow pencil with gentle stokes to fill in the gaps, unless you want to look like how actor-singer Katy Perry is looking here.

Also, don't forget to match the colour of your eyebrows to the colour of your scalp hair.


Even if you have done the most perfect makeup, clumpy mascara on your eye lashes can make you look clumsy. So, before you head out, don't forget to check the mirror for any mascara clumps that may be caused due to overdoing the mascara or drying out of your mascara.

And yes, if you want to sport that very 'in' smoky eye look, take professional help in case you are doing it for the first time, unless you want to look ghostly.


Yes, surely enough, dark lip liners were a trend in the 80's, but not anymore. While wearing a lip liner isn't that big a makeup faux pas, but certainly not a darker tone compared to your lipstick like Naomi Campbell has done here. Match your lip liner with your lipstick or keep a few basic lip liners close to the shades of lipsticks you wear.


Probably the lights went off midway while actor Ameesha Patel was doing her makeup so the foundation and blush on her face didn't quite blend with the shades on her neck and collar bone area. Well, you shouldn't be doing this mistake, contrasting skin colours on your face and neck can make you look like a quite a


(With inputs from Torello Lotti and Aakriti Kochar)

Published by HT Syndication with permission from Hindustan Times.