Six Actresses Dish Out Six Ultimate Vacay Style Tips

Unleash the power of vacays in giving you a year full of display pictures.

Vacays are serious opportunities to flaunt your style. Allow these celebs to give you their vacay style secrets.

1. Don’t Underestimate The Power of Shorts

Shorts instantly make you look cool. And so, you shall not leave for any vacation without packing at least two pairs of shorts. And while we are at it, pack yourself cool white sneakers too. Now you are all set to pose: Just find yourself some cool-ass graffiti and get posin’.

2. Get Braidin’

The last thing you want to do is worry about your hair while you are out on a holiday. Plus, where will you find the time to blow ‘em dry? Take a cue from Malaika Arora Khan and switch to braiding on your next vacay.

3. When in Paris, Simply Skirt Up

Offer the city all the chicness that lies within you. And for a few days, be the Parisian girl cliche.

4. Be Appropriately Tropical with a Delicious Hat

No matter how expendable the hat becomes when you re-enter your city life, no matter how much dust accumulates on it for a year till it’s time to take it out of your closet for the next holiday, a hat is still an essential purchase, especially for those deliciously tropical Instagram posts, and the corresponding friends’ envy.

5. Gift Dubai Some Drama

Dubai has been craving for your dramatic style. Go ahead, grab the first jacket you see, make sure it’s a beige, and throw it over whatever you are wearing. And wear boots, they intimidate people.

6. Oh, And Always Keep that One Absolute Essential: Your Wide Mouthed Smile

Because in the end, vacays are not about pictures (as much as we use that metric to justify our ROI), but they are about happiness. The joy of seeing, feeling, and simply being alive and kicking. Carry it with you, and seal it on your lips, for every holiday.