These Singing Sisters Want a Little Too Much From Steve Harvey on This Week in Game Shows

On Family Feud, a pair of singing sisters wanted just a little too much from Steve Harvey. When Harvey went to get to know the family, he learned that two of them sing classical music together and they were more than happy to sing Harvey a song. The lyrics, though, weren’t exactly what he was expecting.

Photo: Family Feud

The ladies sang, “We love you, Mr. Steve Harvey. We want to have your baby.”

Harvey first shook his head, then responded, “I got seven kids. I don’t want five of the ones I got.”

On Jeopardy, Alex Trebek showed his acting skills. In order to give a clue, he had to act it out, afterward pretending to have a crick in his neck.

And on The Price Is Right, Drew Carey is used to giving away trips. Earlier this week he nearly took a trip himself when he backed into part of the stage setup, breaking a light bulb.

Watch this kid of comedy impress Steve Harvey on Little Big Shots:

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