Singer Suchitra’s Twitter was NOT Hacked, Here’s What Happened

#Suchileaks has gone viral on Twitter. This was after a series of incendiary tweets, including photographs of Dhanush, Aravind Ravichander, Andrea Geremiah and other Kollywood celebs were posted from singer Suchitra's twitter account; @Suchitrakarthik.

Soon after the tweets went viral, the tweets were deleted, and the account secured.

Suchitra's husband, Karthick tweeted a clarification, for the tweets against Dhanush, Jaggi Vasudev and others, saying the account was hacked, and that it has been secured.

Suchitra is unavailable for comment. Karthik Kumar, though, has given another official statement, where he says the tweets were “indicative of a certain emotional state that Suchi has been going through that we are as a family trying to better understand and address.”

Suchi had also tweeted this from her account:

“This is Suchi, I’m back. I’m safe and I’m ready to tell everyone what a lousy game #Dhanush played. no imagination. Paavum. #Simbu you’re it. That’s my arm – from rough handling by #Dhanush’s team. Sorry buddy – disqualified,” she posted along with a picture of bruises on her arm.

Suchitra also posted these bruises on her arm. (Photo courtesy: Twitter)

It’s unclear why actor Dhanush and Jaggi were related and quoted by her. “I didn’t want to out this #Dhanush I always play fair. But @SadhguruJV Won’t stop messing. So war, it is,” she said.

The account has now been made private.

Here’s the video where Kartik Kumar speaks about the photos that were leaked from Suchitra’s account.