Singapore Professor Teaches Class For Over 2 Hours, Then Realises Video Was on Mute the Whole Time

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Attending online classes come with their own set of disadvantages that can sometimes turn hilarious. With the coronavirus pandemic, classes have shifted to laptop or smartphone screens via Zoom and Skype. During this transformation, professors and students who were not so used to the digital world made some hilarious mistakes that have become a source of entertainment.

One such incident unfolded at the National University of Singapore (NUS), where a math professor at the end of the lecture realised that he was on mute the entire time. The realization was quite hard to digest and the teacher’s reaction was priceless as students informed him that they could only hear anything for almost two hours.

Associate Professor Wang from NUS was seen wrapping up his lecture in a YouTube video with an interactive question and answer round but he was met with complete silence from the class. After a while one of his students informed him that he had been on mute the entire time. In the video one can hear the student say, “We cannot hear anything from you since 6.08pm." The information shocked Professor Wang who replied in a surprised tone and said, "From what?" He turned to look at the clock to discover that it was almost two hours since he started with the lecture.

He did not hide his disbelief and was seen falling into a deep breathing session to calm down his nerves. After a while, as he came to accept the reality, the professor said that he will re-do the class some time later.

The video shared by Singapore Incidents has been viewed over 1,18,188 times since it was shared on February 4, 2021.

Commenting on the video, Azusa Chan, a student who was part of the class, wrote that the professor muted himself at 6.08pm onwards and students tried all sorts of methods to inform him by unmuting and even calling him on his phone. However, he did not respond and continued with the lesson. Many students left the virtual class as they could not hear anything however, at the end there were more than 20 students who waited patiently for two hours for the professor to inform him what had happened.