Singapore, Hong Kong & Paris World’s Costliest Cities: Report

Singapore, Hong Kong and Paris are the world's most expensive cities, according to the Worldwide Cost of Living Report released by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). This is for the first time that three cities have shared the title of being the world's most expensive.

The report, which features some of the world’s major cities, is prepared on the basis of Worldwide Cost of Living Survey that compares more than 400 individual prices across 160 products and services in cities across the world.

This year's top ten rankings largely represent a split between Asia and Europe, with Singapore being the only city to have maintained its ranking from the previous year.

The city of Zurich in Switzerland has been ranked fourth while another swiss city , Geneva, has managed to secure the fifth spot in the list of world’s most expensive cities, along with Japan’s Osaka.

Seoul, the capital of South Korea; Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark and New York in the Unites States are the seventh most expensive cities in the world followed by Tel Aviv in Israel and the city of Los Angeles in the United States that have jointly secured the 10th position on the rankings list released by the EIU on Tuesday, 19 March.

Top 10 Expensive Cities in the World

  • Singapore (Singapore)
  • Paris (France)
  • Hong Kong (China)
  • Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Geneva (Switzerland)
  • Osaka (Japan)
  • Seoul (South Korea)
  • Copenhagen (Denmark)
  • New York(US)
  • Tel Aviv (Israel)
  • Los Angeles (US)

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