Sindoor Khela on Vijaydashami 2018: Here's How Women Across India Marked the Last Day of Durga Puja This Year with Vermilion, View Pics

Shaloo Tiwari

Sindoor Khela- the prominent ritual for the Bengalis on the last day of Sharad Navaratri/Durga Puja, Vijaydashmi. The term sindoor khela which literally means playing with sindoor, is played every year and holds a lot of significance in amongst Bengali women. The ritual takes place before Maa Durga's (Goddess Durga) idol goes for immersion in the water body, the ceremony is called visarjan or Durga Bhashan in Bengali.

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Sindoor khela is done in the pandal of Goddess Durga wherein the married women apply sindoor or vermilion on the goddess' forehead and feet, after which the women apply it on each other, usually in the partition of hair or playfully on the cheeks and shakha(traditional bangles of the Bengali women.)

While the tradition holds a lot of importance, the ritual soon turns into a game similar to holi. The application of sindoor signifies good fortune and happy life. Today all over India, women performed sindoor khela with a lot of love and enthusiasm. Take a look at how Indian women enjoyed sindoor khela.

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Here's how actress Ishita Dutta played with sindoor.

Happy women after sindoor khela!

Woman apply sindoor to the idol of Goddess Durga.

Actress Sumona doing the sindoor khela.

It is not just restricted to the Bongs, even non-Bengalis enjoy it!

Isn't it an interesting and meaningful ritual? We absolutely love it! Happy Vijaydashmi to you all. Tell us how you celebrated the final day of Durga Puja in the comments section below.