Sindhi nationalists hold protest for 'Free Sindhudesh' in Karachi

A large number of Sindhi activists and residents took to streets and protested against what they call illegal occupation of their land by Pakistan. Held under the banner of 'Sindhudesh Freedom Movement', the demonstration was aimed at demanding freedom from the clutches of Pakistan. The floats demonstrators carried read "Sindhudesh is our vision, mission, destiny and motherland". People also held pictures of Sindhi political activists and leaders who have been abducted or killed for their Sindhi nationalism. While Pakistan's constitution recognizes Sindh as its province, activists say that the region has for decades been subjected to state-sponsored atrocities. Home to the majority of Hindus, Christians, Ahmadis and other minorities, the region has been discriminated against with impunity. It is this region which reports cases of hate crime, anti-minority crime, forced conversions and marriages on almost every day basis. Any resistance against fundamentalism is muzzled with police high handedness and the activists are labelled as terrorists.