Simple is stylish: Sonia

Sonia Gandhi gave fashion advice to 38 students graduating from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Rae Bareli on Wednesday. What she said


Sometimes a single garment will have zardozi, beads, sequins, patchwork

and crystals. Apart from completely

overshadowing the wearer, such

garments are very uncomfortable

to wear.

In my view, fashion does

not mean opulence.


To find the right colour

combination, cut and proportion

in a garment and to ensure that it is comfortable as well is more

challenging for a designer, but

it results in a garment that is

timelessly stylish and elegant.

Indians have a very highly

developed aesthetic sense… which can be seen in the vibrant colours of a rural woman's saris, her lehenga, ohrni or the cut of

her choli or the myriad wonderful ways in which men wear their

turbans. Every state has its

distinct tradition of weaving,

dyeing, printing, embroidery and beadwork. This is a heritage that

is truly unparalleled in its beauty, its richness and diversity. I hope that you will take inspiration

from this.


Sonia looks no further than

mother-in-law Indira Gandhi's

"innate sense of fashion", whose simplicity and elegance was

admired the world over, she said.


Sonia Gandhi is blessed to

have inherited her mother-in-law's amazing collection of saris. She

wears them well too. She's handed

out practical advice. But nothing,

I'm sure, the NIFT kids don't know

Kiran Uttam Ghose,

Fashion designer

I personally completely agree

with Sonia Gandhi…. Again, as

she says that it is very easy to

put in everything and make it

opulent and larger than life,

but actually god lies in the detail

Dev of fashion designer duo

Dev R Nil