A 'Simple' Optical Illusion by TikTok User Has People Questioning Their Eyes. Can You Do it?


The Internet latches on a good optical illusion every now and then and one such trick posted by a TikTok user recently on Twitter is making people question their eyes.

The seemingly new trend on the viral platform involves a person quickly moving their fingers against the fingers of another hand - giving the watcher an illusion that their palm is magically passing through the other palm. Also, there is some upbeat music playing along just to keep you the right amount of distracted.

The trippy trick performed and uploaded by Twitter user @ToriPareno has already raked in more than 7 million views on the platform since the time of its upload and once you watch the video, you'll know exactly why.

Soon enough, Twitterati tried to replicate the illusion.

And it's not as easy as it may seem like.

Many others were simply left bamboozled.

If you made it till here, here is some blast from the past to feed your optical illusion-loving souls.