Simone Biles Just Landed a Historic Triple-Double, Here's How She Did It

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Simone Biles reasserted her position as the world's number one gymnast following a winning performance at the Simone Biles US Gymnastics Championship in Kansas City, on Sunday.

Notably, Biles became the first woman after Clara Schroth Lomady, to capture six US senior women's all-around gymnastics titles. Lomady had last won in in 1952. Biles marked the occasion by attempting to and succeeding in landing a triple-twisting, double back maneuver during her routine.

Following Biles' spectacular display, English PhD candidate at Rutgers, Suzanne F Boswell took it upon herself to explain how Biles successfully performed the triple-double.

Suzanne took to Twitter to explain the move through multiple posts, starting off with explaining what a triple-double actually is. For the unversed, it is "a double back flip with three twists."

She went on to explain what a single back flip is before discussing further.

Going to the history and evolution of the move, Suzanne wrote that following the single backflip, the double back became popular in women's gymnastics sometime around 1976.

In a series of tweets, Suzanne then when on to speak about how Elena Mukhina brought the "full-twisting double tuck" to the fore in 1978 and how others have performed it accordingly.

In the late 1980s, Suzanne explained that gymnasts brought forward the double-double, which was named after Daniela Silibas in 1988.

Finally, Suzanne elaborated that the triple-double, accomplished by Biles is three twists and two backflips.

According to Suzanne, the triple-double has been assigned the highest difficulty value assigned to a skill, adding that if Biles successfully performs the triple-double at World Championships, it will be the third or fourth skill named after her in the Code of Points after the Biles on floor and the Biles on vault.