Simi Rajan, a teacher turned mural painter showcases her work

Enchanting landscapes of nature always fascinated Simi Rajan - a teacher turned artist known for her Mural paintings. A unique and meticulous blend of mythology, quixotic colours and a wonderful play with a brush is a forte of Simi. Her paintings were exhibited at the 3-day long seventeenth Annual Art show 'Expression 2017', Art Show of Young Artists in New Delhi. Organized by a socio-cultural NGO, Empowerment, its aim was to preserve, promote and disseminate India's rich art and Heritage. A total of 12 artists presented their work with the theme 'Floating Thoughts'. While Simi Rajan enjoyed making complex biology diagrams for students and indulged in landscape painting as hobby, she left teaching job to take up painting. Under the tutelage of Paris Mohan Kumar she imbibed his unique techniques of combining nature and nurture and now she has developed numerous paintings across different themes and mythological elements within the Mural paintings. Simi aspires to contemporize the Mural paintings to bring a modern twist to the way Murals are experienced.