Silveria Elfrieda Jacobs, Sint Maarten PM, is Blunt, On-Point Yet Emotional in Her Address to Nation on Coronavirus Lockdown And Netizens Feel This is How Every Leader Must Speak! Watch Video

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Silveria Elfrieda Jacobs, the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean Islands, has become a star on the social media for all the right reasons. In an address to the nation on April 1, announcing a lockdown amid the outbreak of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, Jacobs was bold, to the point and even emotional while telling Sint Maarten to stay at home. Her address is going viral on social media, with netizens saying this is how a leader must address their country in these times. Many have even written tweets like "Donald Trump must take note" as the number of coronavirus cases and deaths in the United States continues to rise every passing day. Donald Trump Attacks 'China Centric' WHO, Alleges UN Body Gave 'Faulty Advice' During Coronavirus Pandemic.

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She very clearly stated how she has been asking people to stay safe and take care of themselves for a month and did not hesitate in saying that the country has lesser testing kits and cannot go about testing everyone. She acknowledged the private companies who have given more test kits to the country without charging anything from the government. She acknowledged the whole team and her Cabinet working in these times, stressing that she is not the only one working to get the country out of this. Click here for all the updates on Coronavirus in India.

She broke down when she spoke about the country's capacity to deal with the number of patients. To end her speech, she told people in as many words that they need to stay at home and warned them of a complete shutdown if people didn't adhere to the current guidelines. "If you do not have the type of bread that you like to eat, eat crackles, if you do not have bread, eat oats. Help me to help you," she said in her address.

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Here's the video of her address and how netizens on Twitter have reacted

Besides Jacobs, other female leaders like New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and German Chancellor Angela Merkel are also being praised for their approach towards handling the COVID-19 pandemic situation. While the world struggles to come out of the Coronavirus crisis, it is these women leaders that many are seeing hope in.