Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Spoiler: Nandini Divorces Rajdeep; Mouli Shattered Seeing KuNan Together!

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka has been hitting the headlines for its bold content. The show and the actors had also received a lot of backlash from the viewers, as they feel that the show promotes the concept of extra-marital affair. On the other hand, the fans want to know how Mouli will deal with the issue and whether Kunal will leave Mouli for Nandini! Meanwhile, on the show, we saw Nandini meeting Mouli in the temple and telling her that she did not intend to ruin her house, but only wished for a companion who would support and respect her.
Mouli doesn't get convinced and says Nandini has snatched her husband away from her, although she knew how important he was in her life! Nandini requests Mouli to believe her, while Mouli tells her that she has lost everything in her life. Mouli tells Nandini that Kunal left the house and she could not believe he would do that. Nandini reveals to Mouli that Kunal is not with her and both of them get worried for Kunal.

Nandini Worried About Kunal & Fears Losing Him

In the upcoming episode, Nandini gets to know that Kunal has met with an accident and rushes to the hospital. She shares her fear of losing Kunal, while the latter tries to console her.

Kunal Hugs Nandini

Kunal hugs Nandini and Mouli watches them together again! She also overhears Kunal and Nandini's conversation and gets upset, thinking that Kunal is not worried about her!

A Nurse Addresses Nandini As Mrs Malhotra

Nandini decides to take Kunal home. As Kunal and Nandini leave, a nurse addresses Nandini as Mrs Malhotra. The nurse gives Kunal's medical records to Nandini.

Mouli Is Shattered Seeing Kunal & Nandini Together

On seeing this, Mouli is shattered. She is hurt that Kunal and Nandini didn't even say a word when the nurse addressed Nandini as Mrs Malhotra. Mouli feels that Kunal has already given a wife's status and rights to Nandini!

Kunal Gets Rajdeep Arrested

On the other hand, there are reports that Kunal gets Rajdeep arrested. Apparently, Rajdeep and Kunal have an argument, when Kunal was in the hospital. Rajdeep tells Kunal as to how he ruined Nandini's life.

Nandini To Divorce Rajdeep

Rajdeep is unaware that Kunal is recording their conversation. Kunal hands over the recording to the police and gets him arrested. Later, Nandini files for a divorce from Rajdeep.

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