Sikhs in New Delhi serving free food to Covid-19 patients and their families

Mumbai (Maharashtra), May 10 (ANI): Feeding a hungry person is nothing less than a virtue.With the Coronavirus pandemic putting up many challenges in front of the authorities, feeding the hungry remains a tough one. Extending a helping hand in such a scenario is a Samaritan from Mumbai city of Maharashtra named Rajiv Singal who is providing free meals to home quarantined Covid-19 patients who are facing the food crisis. Singhal is a businessman and he has been delivering home-cooked food to around 200 households twice a day since the second wave of the pandemic started hitting the state. Singhal himself faced scarcity of food when he was quarantined due to COVID-19 in September and this became the reason for him to take such an initiative. He has hired Asha kitchen food service in Malad Mumbai for making food. Asha kitchen is owned by Asha Bhartiya who provides food parcels. Singhal provides food packets to a family for a period of 14 days and after their quarantine period ends new families are added to the list of beneficiaries. At present, when the whole country is the grip of the pandemic, in such a situation, a number of people are coming forward and extending their helping hand to those in need.

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