Sikh Man Ties Turban in Times Square as a Protest Against Racism

His act was a sign of protest against the upsetting way the media covered Timothy Caughman’s death.

A 23-year-old American tied his turban in New York’s Time Square as a protest against racism, on Saturday.

Angad Singh’s action was a tribute to Timothy Caughman, a black man who was stabbed to death in a racially-motivated terror attack.

Singh said that he was upset at the way the media was covering Caughman’s death by asking questions like if he had a criminal record.

The 23-year-old said that the only way to end hate is to get to know one’s countrymen and neighbours. He said that wearing his turban everyday, he knows he is putting himself in hate’s way but for him, tying his turban is the most American act to do.

With racism on the rise, the only way to tackle the present situation is to be more open-minded and sensitive to others. Jumping to conclusions about a person with just the colour of their skin is the most insolent act a person can do.

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