Sikh factions at loggerheads to control gurdwaras in UK

An underlying rift amongst the different factions of Sikh diaspora triggered by the materialistic desires of controlling gurdwaras is seemingly widening with groups openly challenging each other inside the premises of religious places. In the latest example, few members of Takhtsali group stopped the Nirvair Khalsa jatha Kirtan in Hounslow gurdwara outside London. This wasn't an exclusive case of confrontation where one group expressed its open defiance to other. Such incidents have become a regular occurrence not only in United Kingdom but across various European countries, the United States and Canada. However, a pattern suggesting these protests and disruptions being designed by a certain external force are emerging of late. Although not been confirmed in this case, there have been numerous instances when Pakistan and its intelligence agency, the ISI have tried to capitalize on even the trivial friction amongst the diaspora. In order to meet its diabolic anti-India agenda, it has tried desperate measures to revive the Khalistan movement-a dead secessionist movement.