Siddaramaiah will be the next CM of Karnataka says Siddaramaiah

Anuj Cariappa

Bengaluru, Apr 21: Asserting that he is not a "political sanyasi" and was in "active politics", former Chief Minister Siddarmaiah Saturday said the Congress will form government in Karnataka after the next assembly polls, and he will become Chief Minister once again.

Rubbishing reports about his immediate chief ministerial ambitions citing his recent statements, the Chairman of the Congress-JD(S) coalition coordination committee clarified that he will occupy the top job after the next assembly election and there was nothing wrong in that. The next assembly elections in the state will be held in 2023.

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"I had said I will become chief minister in the future... did I say tomorrow (after Lok Sabha polls). I meant after next assembly election... am I a political sanyasi? If I was why would I come here in this hot sun? I would have sat in the shade. I'm not a political sanyasi, I'm in active politics," Siddaramaiah told reporters in Davangere.

"What I said was, in the future our party government will come to power, once I become chief minister, I will increase distribution of rice from 7 to 10 kg. What is wrong in that?" he asked.

The CLP leader's statement on Friday during a rally at Siraguppa about providing 10 kg rice if he comes back, while speaking about his previous government's flagship 'Anna Bhagya' scheme had created flutter, amid speculation that any adverse results in Lok Sabha polls will have its impact on the longevity of the coalition government.

Earlier on Saturday hitting out at the BJP in Belagavi, Siddaramaiah said the saffron party will be reduced to a single digit in the Lok Sabha polls.

"...they (BJP people) are speaking out of frustration knowing very well that they will lose. They will be defeated, in Karnataka this time they will be in single digit, they will not reach double digit," he told reporters.

Siddaramaiah was responding to a question about BJP national joint general secretary (Org) B L Santohs recent comments on getting two BJP governments, one at the Centre and the other in state.

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"... from your vote, you will get one direct government- Narendra Modi's. After one month you will get another government- Yeddyurappa's government in Bengaluru's Vidhana Soudha.

In Parliament and Vidhan Soudha our government will be there from your one vote," he had said recently addressing a gathering.

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