Sid Naidu - From delivering newspapers to being a hotshot producer

Bengaluru boy Sid Naidu‘s life has been a tough row to hoe. He lost his father when he was just 11 years old and had to fend for his family as his widowed mother struggled to make ends meet with her meager salary from her garment factory job. Sid’s compelling sense of responsibility, even at that young age, made him do odd jobs including delivering newspapers, working as a helper in a cafe and several others, to make ends meet. He shares “I was working as an office boy and tried to apply for a job at a department store but was rejected as I was underage. After some time, I managed to secure a job at a store at Mantri Square mall where I befriended the mall manager who introduced me to the events company which handled all events at the mall. As luck had it, I managed to get them to hire me and that job went on to become my training ground for the production house I eventually went on to establish”. Sid handled fashion shows, photo shoots, and other events at the mall and learned all about fashion and production. His job led him to connect with all kinds of people from the fashion and events world and this helped him in his future endeavors. Sid reveals “After having worked for four years at the event management company, I was itching to branch out on my own and with my family’s support and belief in my capabilities, I took the plunge and started my own production house “Sid Productions”. The company is more than a year old now, and we have a bunch of young and creative minds amidst us who are absolute rockstars”. Sid got his first major break when Myntra commissioned him for one of their projects. Myntra had seen Sid’s work while he was with the events company and were willing to take a bet on him and gave him his first break which marked the beginning of his good times. The production house now has an impressive list of clientele including brands like Lifestyle, Future Group, Zivame, etc. in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi. Sid directs collaborative shoots and fashion films and as a company, Sid Productions caters to producing the event. Art direction is his passion and his work displays that flair in abundance.

Tough times don’t last forever, tough people do

Sid looks back at his life and says “I’d be lying if I said it was easy. Those were probably the toughest

days of my life. At 12, I had this tedious job of delivering about 200 newspapers. I remember the day when I fell off my bicycle as I was trying to cross a railway track to complete the job and rush to school. I broke my tooth and had excruciating pain but I completed the day’s target before I headed home with a swollen face. The entire experience was so overwhelming that it still has an impact on me. I have learned that nothing comes easy and hard work does pay off. Despite all hardships that we had to endure, my upbringing taught me to uphold values in life above anything else. That conditioning has held me in good stead even today and molded me into the person that I am today”.

One of Sid’s recent productions, shot by brothe r Kiran Naidu


On his inspirations, Sid says “The first names that come to my mind when you say “inspiration”, is Jack Ma of Alibaba and filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who, of course, needs no introduction. Jack Ma has deeply inspired me with his ideology to do better every day. Whenever I feel demotivated for any reason, I sit down and watch his videos to pep myself up and rewire my mind. SLB inspires me to reach his level of finesse and dedication. I hope and would love to work with him someday” He also credits his fiancée, who is a model and a stylist, for inspiring him with her sense of passion and confidence. Sid adds “She believes in me on days when I don’t myself and persuades me to take up challenges with a brave heart”.


Future Plans


Sid has set his eyes on cinema and says “I’d love to do world-class campaigns for Indian brands and make a presence internationally. Apart from my plans for expansion in the fashion arena, I’m planning to venture into cinema. With fine directors like SBL, it would be a dream come true to be a part of such projects”.

Advice to people stuck in the quagmire of bad times


Sid held his head high and never lost faith. He advises “Never give up. You are your boss and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. People can pull you down only if you let them. Like I said, hard work always pays off. And if you know how to take the positive excerpts from all your life experiences, you’re a winner already”.

Images Courtesy : Sid Productions and Kiran Naidu