Shylock movie review: This Mammootty-starrer is a snoozefest

Manoj Kumar R
Shylock movie review

Shylock movie review: The movie raises serious questions about Mammootty's artistic choices.

Shylock movie cast: Mammootty, Meena, Siddique, Raj Kiran
Shylock movie director: Ajai Vasudev
Shylock movie rating: 1 star

Director Ajai Vasudev has served up another snoozefest called Shylock, which is headlined by Malayalam superstar Mammootty. The movie raises serious questions about Mammootty's artistic choices. He is the same actor who picks scripts like Peranbu and Unda. And he also approves the likes of Shylock. Is there an unwritten rule that states for every good film Mammootty delivers, he must mess up five?

Shylock is a mess. You know this story. You know how things would pan out. And you know what happens to the bad guys even before the film arrives at its depressingly predictable climax. There is no point talking about the gist of the story. Because what's the point of speaking about something that doesn't exist in the movie. So, let's skip that part in the review.

Shylock is a melting pot of many 'mass' Tamil movies. When Tamil filmmakers know that their film is trash and would put the audience to sleep, they popularly use a technique. And that technique is known as Say-His-Name. This trick would rev up the audience's mood for a few minutes as the filmmakers manage to sneak names of Rajinikanth, Thala (Ajith), Thalapathy (Vijay), and their popular punchlines. And Shylock is replete with such pop-culture references and Tamil dialogues to an extent that after a point you forget that you bought a ticket to watch a Malayalam movie.

I wonder why the filmmakers took the trouble of dubbing Shylock in Tamil as Kuberan.