Shweta Tiwari on Hum Tum And Them: It pushed me out of my comfort zone

Hum Tum And Them marks Shweta Tiwari's digital debut.

Shweta Tiwari has thanked producer Ekta Kapoor for giving her the character of Shiva in Hum Tum And Them. AltBalaji's new web show Hum Tum And Them revolves around Shweta's Shiva and Akshay Oberoi's Yudi, both single parents to teenage children, and how they try to balance their family life after finding love in each other.

Shweta shared the show's trailer on her Instagram handle with an emotional post on how Hum Tum And Them ensured she comes out of her comfort zone. Referring to things like chopping off her long tresses to filming intimate scenes with Akshay, Shweta has written about pushing her boundaries. In the post, she has also thanked creator Ekta and producer Deeya Singh for trusting her with Shiva.

"I’m truly honoured to be a part of this project,not only because of it’s one of a kind story line but also the fact that it pushed me out of my comfort zone, right from chopping my hair to portraying the kind of intimacy and vulnerability that I didn’t think I was courageous enough to show, and I didn’t make it easy. I cried, a lot , felt anxious every single day but there’s irrefutably no other team of people that could’ve pushed me more effectively. I know I was scared, God Knows I was, but @deeyasingh1, @sahir_raza and @akshay0beroi were so incredibly patient. Thank you Diya for supporting me and making sure I do justice to your vision of Shiva, even when I thought I couldn’t. @ektaravikapoor I can’t thank you enough for entrusting me with yet another beautiful character. Hope you guys take this journey with me and accept this character for who she is. Lots of Love," Shweta Tiwari wrote.

In her reply, Ekta Kapoor wrote to Shweta, "I’m so happy u got out of ur comfort zone! Ppl will sledge u demean u for on screen kissing n intimacy but u have to know that women r not meant fit into moulds of society’s their choice wat they wanna b and u wanted a new character to play ...ignore unnecessary pressure...ur looking lovely classy elegant! DIYA sahir have done an amazing job! Own d new u( character) d jalebi is a lot like shweta ....ths show is ur @akshay0beroi ... ur nudge into d new"

Shweta replied to Ekta, "@ektaravikapoor You’re right, but I’ve realised caring about people that only like me based on what character I’m playing aren’t my supporters anyway...I only care about pleasing the people that are there for me irrespective of my creative decisions, they’re the supporters I value...I care about pleasing my family, my amazing friends such as @deeyasingh1 and creative minds like yourself. You truly are an inspiration for every woman. Love you ❤️4 HT&T ❤️"

Deeya Singh also wrote to Shweta, "You are so courageous @shweta.tiwari and who knows this better.. follow your heart .. the restlessness the need to explore ..will lead you to other beautiful women.. whose stories must be told and shared ..( I’m waiting for that restless actor ❤️)"

Several actors including Kishwer Merchant, Sara Khan, Manav Vij, Nisha Rawal and others sent their wishes to Shweta and the team.

Hum Tum And Them will begin streaming on AltBalaji and ZEE5 from December 6.