Shutting up dissent in Malaysia

On Karpal’s birthday, A-G drops appeal to enhance sedition sentence, say family

These are dark days for Malaysia. We are in mourning over the loss of Flight MH370, though many Malaysians are praying and hoping for a miracle.

But on either side of that "unprecedented aviation mystery" are two Barisan Nasional-inspired moves that personify EVIL. And reasons why a pall of gloom envelopes this country.

First, opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was hurriedly found guilty of sodomy by the Court of Appeal, just days before the nomination day of the Kajang by-election.

As political commentator Kim Quek expertly pointed out, the appeal court judges discounted clear evidence and decided to admit samples that were tainted.

Anwar was sentenced to five years' jail in record time, and now BN do not have to contend with a formidable foe.

One out of the way.

And today veteran politician Karpal Singh was fined RM4,000 for sedition. His crime: giving a legal opinion during the Perak power grab.

For those Malaysians who have forgotten that dastardly event, it was when BN usurped control of the Perak state assembly through a combination of shenanigans, deceit and a complete disregard of legal precedent.

Karpal's supposed offence was saying that Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin's removal as Perak Menteri Besar by Sultan Azlan Shah could be questioned in a court of law.

He was acquitted of the charge by the High Court in 2010 but the prosecutors appealed against the ruling.

So Karpal will now have to give up his seat and is disqualified from contesting elections for five years after the conviction.

Two down.

So who is next? Rafizi Ramli, Liew Ching Tong. Lim Guan Eng. Mahfuz Omar. Few things are more evil and despicable than a regime that refuses to fight fair and uses powers of incumbency to win political battles.

By knocking Anwar, Karpal and possibly other opposition politicians, Putrajaya is thumbing its nose at the many Malaysians who voted for the opposition, at Malaysians who believe that political battles should be settled at the ballot box.

Malaysians may feel helpless about the loss of MH370, leaving the rescue mission to those eminently more qualified.

But can we afford to stay on the sidelines and watch the evil regime run roughshod over what surely must matter to every Malaysian: fairness and justice. – March 11, 2014.