Shunya Ekai Tech - Transforming lives with IoT and Robotics

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19 March, 2021, Gurugram - It is not the technology which is transforming, rather, it is us who are transforming with the technology. While the entire world is undergoing a digital transformation, Shunya Ekai Tech is spearheading the change by emerging as a promising leader in providing sustainable IoT and Robotics solution in a diverse range of industries.

With a gamut of futuristic solutions in areas like healthcare, agriculture, hospitality, automobiles, smart city development, safety & security solutions, logistics, waste management and many more, Shunya Ekai Tech is all set to become the backbone of this rapid transformation.

The company began its journey with a vision to provide tailor-made, affordable homegrown IoT and Robotics solutions which can have a global impact. Shunya Ekai Tech offers solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with the potential to translate into a variety of societal changes. These solutions are focused on making our lives easier, better and safer.

Shunya Ekai Tech, as the name suggests believes in connecting us to our roots, back to basics as they say. With a presence in UAE and India and a strong team of highly talented young professionals, Shunya Ekai Tech is working with a fresh approach towards reforming lives with technology and providing meaningful analytics and solutions with real-time data.

“There is a myth that every good technology comes with a heavy cost. We believe in inclusivity and that technology should not be limited to a few, rather it should benefit every sector of the society. With the advent of digital revolution across the globe, the demand and need for technology solutions have risen sharply. Our vision is to provide solutions at competitive prices in order to cover larger sections of society and bring a wider change,” says Mr Chintan Sareen, founder of Shunya Ekai Tech. With rapid technological advances, there is a paradigm of shift in how industries function, be it hospitality, education, healthcare and so on. Shunya Ekai Tech is all set to launch some new products in India, UAE and many global markets, and set up new manufacturing units to produce more of their own components. Apart from building their own range of products, Shunya Ekai Tech has also started to collaborate with innovators, government & private organisations and start-ups to help them develop prototypes and products in their respective space.

With the intent of leaving behind positive, social, and environmental footprints, Shunya Ekai Tech is driving a change for the better. The consumers and market experts have their eyes fixed on this promising venture and it will be interesting to see how they create their niche in the market.