A shrine to Trump in a 2020 battleground state

About an hour's drive east of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, sits a house plastered from foundation to chimney in tribute to Donald Trump.

The centerpiece of the property is a cutout image standing 13 feet high in the front lawn.

Nearby are other images mocking Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and 2016 Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

"You can have a yard sign, a pen, a bumper sticker, and a lanyard"

This shrine, of sorts, is the work of Leslie Rossi. It cost her about $1,000 to turn her home into a pilgrimage site for Republican voters who call themselves "Trump Nation."

They pose for pictures and praise the effort.

Rossi outright dismisses opinion polls that show Biden ahead of Trump in this battleground state the Republican narrowly won by in 2016.

"I just don't believe that. It's not even worth discussing, because my numbers are three times what they were four years ago. I didn't believe the polls last time and people would come through my door, after watching CNN and other networks that just told them every day that they were going to lose. People were very discouraged, and that is happening again, and these people don't believe them now. They've lost all credibility."

This state is crucial in the 2020 contest.

Trump campaigned in Erie on Tuesday (October 20).

"Fourteen days from now we are going to win the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and we are going to win four more years in the White House."

National opinion polls show Biden holding a wide lead over Trump. But the contest is closer in the swing states that will decide the election, including Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio.

Former President Barack Obama is campaigning for Biden at a drive-in car rally in Philadelphia, the state's biggest city on Wednesday (October 21).

It will be Obama's first in-person campaign event for Biden, who served with him for eight years.