Shocking! Kapil Sharma Allegedly Assaults Sunil Grover On a Flight

“He is lying. I called him 100 times and sent my people to his home,” says Kapil Sharma.

Stories of Kapil Sharma’s fights and disagreements with rest of his comedy team have been doing the rounds for some time now. There has also been talk of his rumoured arrogance and ill-temper, most of it apparently induced by alcohol. But things reached a flashpoint this week, when on a flight from Australia to Mumbai on Thursday night, Kapil Sharma allegedly physically assaulted his comic colleague Sunil Grover.

An eyewitness travelling on the same flight as Kapil Sharma and Sunil GroverWithout any provocation, Kapil pounced on Sunil Grover. We saw Kapil loudly abusing Sunil. Sunil kept quiet, probably thinking that Kapil would calm down after the outburst. But Kapil got more aggressive. His loud abuses could be heard right across the flight cabin.He then physically assaulted Sunil. That’s when all hell broke loose. The flight attendants rushed to the spot.They wanted to handcuff Kapil in order to restrain him. To his credit Sunil stood by his unruly colleague and asked the cabin crew to overlook his drunken behaviour.

While both Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma remained unavailable for comments, a member of the Kapil Sharma Show team added, “We’re not surprised to hear this. Tension has been brewing between them.”