Shocking 'cockroach and mice' truths about airline meals revealed

Melbourne, Nov. 21 (ANI): Your airline meal may have been prepared among mice, ants and cockroaches, a TV show from US has revealed.

US TV news program 20/20 has uncovered exactly what the US Food and Drug Administration had found when it inspected airlines and their caterers, reported.

More than 1500 health violations were discovered over almost four years, with "significant" problems having being found.

Food facilities at LSG Sky Chefs, who is a major provider of airline food, were found to be swarming with ants, dead and live flies, and cockroaches "all over."

"You can't have insect remains and feces of rodents and dead flies (in these areas)," the site quoted former health inspector Roy Costa as telling ABC News.

Cockroaches and gnats "too numerous to count," unrefrigerated food and dirty areas were found at another catering company, Gate Gourmet.

The company said that it solves problems immediately and claims "none of the FDA's observations... indicated a threat to the health of the travelling public."

There were also incidents involving old or mouldy products and employees not washing their hands. (ANI)