Shocking: 73.9% teenagers in India inactive for less than an hour a day

Children between the ages 11 to 17 are now-a-days seen mostly indoors with a mobile phone or some other device in their hands. Gone are the days when children used to get dirty on the grounds or in the parks, and this has led to grave problems.

The rise of obesity and other health related disorders is an indication of lack of physical activity. A recent study by World Health Organization gives a country-by-country breakdown of physical activity levels. It shockingly reveals that just one in five 11 to 17-year-olds exercise as much as they need to to stay healthy.

According to the study, South Korea has the world's laziest teenagers. 94.2% children are not even physically active for even an hour a day in the Korean nation. Philippines and Cambodia are placed 2nd and 3rd with 93.4% and 91.6% inactive teenagers.

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Bangladesh has comparatively the least inactive children. 66.1% teenagers were inactive for less than an hour a day. United States of America is placed fourth after Slovakia and Ireland. 72% teenagers are inactive in the States for less than an hour a day.

India is placed seventh in the list with 73.9% teenagers inactive for less than an hour a day.

Experts said the statistics were 'concerning' and that encouraging exercise is important for tackling the most dangerous child health concern – obesity.

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