Shivamogga's Horticulture Dept introduces eco-friendly medicines to boost honey bee pollination

Honey bees play a vital role in pollination of more than 100 crops. Summer season has a high activity in honey bees therefore chances of pollination process will be very high. Recently, farmers witnessed that honey bees' colonies were disappearing. Shivamogga's Horticulture Department's Deputy Director said, "The farmers are in a dilemma, they need a higher yield from their plant through the pollination of the honey bees. At the same time, by spraying of the chemical the honey bees' colonies are disappearing day by day because of the chemical they are using to control the pest and disease in the crop." In order to tackle this situation, Shivamogga's Horticulture Department requested farmers to use eco-friendly medicines such as neem oil to save honey bees in prolonged ways.