Shiv Sena on Ravi Shankar's Syria comment: What kind of art of living is this?

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    J S Gaidu
    Democratic India every body can give opinion, TV crew are hungry for this
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    girija sankar
    Really we are very much proud for having World Spiritual Leader like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji who is taking initiative for peace not only in India but also across other countries.
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    G. P. Singh
    I think , it was a tongue slip from Sri Sri that he named syria.
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    Sri Sri is instigating Indians to create violence. He should be arrested, but by whom?
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    sri sri has a great following all over india and moreso in the south---uddhav is cofined to a small part in pune
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    There is a election coming soon in karnataka.... so ravi shankar is too smart
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    street dogs barks when elephant walks .....
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    OK Guys, calm down. He who criminalize the situations cannot be a spiritual leader. He is not the only one, there are many Baba's and Guru's with 2 faces.
    1 by 1 coming out. Needs to be investigated more.
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    The fact remains that the footless persons in India become celebrity just by corroding the sentiments of depressed and frustrated,directionless population. The religion has been a way to rule the Indians in past. They talk of peace,but inplace of promoting brotherhood,they just want to encash by keeping them apart. Why not to accept that INDIA IS BORN SECULAR NATION AND ALL RELIGIONS MUST BE AT A PLACE AS FAMILY FAITH,BUT GOVT. HAS TO PROMOTE COMMUNITY COMMON FACILITIES.Why allow only temple? India should ban such traders of tricks.
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    What Ravishankar said was outrageous and he is to be arrested for giving damki under goonda act.