Shiv Sena MP not the first unruly passenger, India needs an unfit-to-fly list, now

After Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad's unruly behaviour with Air India staffer, here is a look back at some of the most-shocking flying incidents from the past.

The media is abuzz with the story of Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad thrashing an Air India staff over flight seating.

Gaikwad is just one of the many unruly passengers Indian airlines have had to deal with.

Here is a look back at some of the most-shocking flying incidents from the past:

January 2016: 17 latecomers among an 80-strong marriage party aboard a Hyderabad-Raipur IndiGo flight were denied boarding since the flight is overbooked. The entire party then created a ruckus, intimidated airline staff and delayed flight departure by two hours

July 2016: A disruption by two unruly passengers misbehaving with the crew and physically abusing co-passengers forced a Dubai-Kozhikode Indigo flight to land in Mumbai. The flight landed at its destination three hours after schedule.

August 2016: A woman passenger, who was to travel in business class on a Mumbai-Lucknow GoAir flight, got offloaded for throwing her handbag at one passenger, shoving others during boarding and then misbehaving with the crew.

September 2016: A male passenger aboard an Indigo aircraft flying from Bhubaneswar to Delhi stripped naked in the lavatory and then tried to call air hostesses inside by ringing the lavatory S.O.S. call bell. Even after returning to his seat, his vulgar behaviour aggravated crew members and passengers

December 2016: A flyer on Air India's Mumbai-Newark flight reportedly groped a co-passenger. The accused was originally seated in business class but reportedly changed his seat to sit next to the female passenger in economy class.

January 2017: On yet another Air India flight, this time on the Muscat-Delhi route, a passenger allegedly molested an airhostess. This incident prompted the airline to stock plastic handcuffs on all its flights

February 2017: A man on a Delhi-Mumbai Jet Airways flight, who was later revealed to be mentally unstable, went out of control mid-flight, throwing his meal tray and threatening to take control of the flight and crash it.

February 2017: A passenger seated in the emergency exit row on IndiGo's Mumbai-Chandigarh flight suddenly opened the emergency exit door and inflated the slide, thankfully before the flight took off. In the process he injured the co-passenger on the window seat and risked the life of 176 passengers.

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