Shiv Sena: Boycotting Deepika’s film reflective of Talibani mindset

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Chhapaak released on January 10.

Coming out in support of actor Deepika Padukone, who recently visited JNU in support of students following violence on the campus, Shiv Sena Saturday said talks of boycotting her movie Chhapaak was reflective of a “Talibani mindset”.

Sena MP Sanjay Raut told mediapersons, “I don’t know about Deepika’s political inclination. But I admire her. You shared power with traitors in Kashmir, but she didn’t speak about that. She didn’t reveal her stand on that. She just met the students at JNU and expressed her sentiments silently. I feel it is wrong to boycott her film and brand her as a traitor just because she expressed her sentiments.”

Equating the move with the days of Emergency, Raut said: “When I see people being called traitors because they have different opinions and films being boycotted, I start feeling Emergency was much better than this.”