Shilpa Shetty Faces Racism by Australia’s Qantas Airline Staff, Actress Hits Back Like a Boss!

Prachi Kulkarni
Shilpa Shetty caused quite a stir on social media earlier, when she accused a Sydney airport's ground staff of racism, on her Instagram page.

There have been many instances when the Indians have complained about facing the issue of racism abroad. Many of the celebs too voiced against it in the past. Despite the awareness and education on the subject through all these years, 2018 yet again saw such incident, this time as narrated by Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. The stunning actress recently shared a shocking experience of racism in Melbourne by the staff of Qantas airline.

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The fitness diva described the how she was not allowed to carry her ‘half empty’ bag just because of her ‘brown’ colour. An excerpt from her Instagram post reads, ‘We had no time to waste so we ran to the oversized baggage counter and requested her to put the bag through which she did after I told her that #Rude #Mel had issues !!!.... to which another colleague joined in an reiterated my duffle wasn’t oversized and could’ve easily been checked in. The point is .. This piece is only for #quantas airlines to know and take cognisance .. that their staff must be taught to be helpful and TONE can’t change with preference to #COLOUR .” From Kangana Ranaut, Shilpa Shetty to Anupam Kher, These Celebs Urge Fans to Stay Fit.

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The fans soon jumped in to support the 43-year-old icon and reassured her that it was an apt thing to do, that she did. They even agreed that the bag was indeed half empty and was not oversized as claimed by ‘Mel’. Such incidents make us realize that there is a lot of scope for the improvement for the people to change their mindsets for once and for all. You go, girl!