Shia Muslims in New York launch protest against 'genocide' in Pakistan

Islamabad, Dec 8 (ANI): Over 1,000 Shias in New York have launched a protest to express their anger at the Pakistani government and the Taliban for what they describe "genocide" in their community.

The march, that aimed to condemn the violence of the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda, started outside the UN headquarters and wrapped up at the Pakistani consulate.

Demonstrators, which included many children and women, carried signs bearing slogans such as "Stop the violence. We are people of peace" and "Pakistani Shias have the right to live," the Express Tribune reports.

A press release issued by the Consulate of Pakistan expressed solidarity with the Shia community and said that protecting and promoting the fundamental rights of all citizens of Pakistan regardless of their religion or ethnicity was a sacred mission of the democratically elected Government of Pakistan.

The embassy also assured the protesters that the petition of the "10,000 Souls March" would be transmitted to the concerned authorities in the country, the report said. (ANI)