‘Sherpas scale high peaks like we take weekend strolls’

At the event in honour of Sherpas in Pune on Friday (Source: Express)

At a special event to celebrate International Mountain Day, Girpremi, a mountaineering club from Pune, screened a movie named Mt Kangchenjunga Expedition and another short film about Sherpas.

The event was held on Friday at the Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir. The event also honoured the Sherpas and celebrated the Eco expedition 2019, an expedition to Mt Kangchenjunga carried out by members of Giripremi group with assistance from the Sherpas.

Brigadier Ashok Abbey, president of Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi, Suresh Haware, MD, Haware Groups Mumbai and Om Prakash Bakoria, sports commissioner, Maharash-tra, and Nitin Karmalkar, Vice chancellor, Savitribai Phule Pune University, were the guests present at the event. A group of Sherpas and a team of Giripremi, which went to Eco expedition 2019, were felicitated at the event. The screening was followed by a meet and greet with the Sherpa mountaineers.

“I am delighted to see that the Sherpas who are sitting here come from all parts of Nepal. It is like a mini Nepal and they are here as a cohesive team. It would be very difficult for a team to sustain the high peaks without the Sherpas,” Brigadier Ashok Abbey said.

“I started climbing mountains in 2007. Mountaineering is a very difficult and dangerous task. I started this work out of compulsion as I was not too educated,” said Dawa Ongchu Sherpa, who has scaled 13 out of the 14 eight thousanders. Eight thousanders are mountains which are more than 8,000 meters in height.

“The Sherpas scale these high peaks like we take our weekend strolls. It is a great feat to achieve,” said Om Prakash Bakoria, expressing his surprise at the feats the Sherpas are able to achieve.

“We are the people who work at the mountains, so we are not too good at speeches. The work we do is very risky, and we try our best to get the members back safely, though some unfortunate events happen at times,” said Dawa Finjok Sherpa, who was a member of Eco expedition 2019.