'Shell On Challenge,' The Latest Dangerous Social Media Trend Where Teens Eat Food With Packaging and Shells (Watch Video)

Riddhi Jadhav

Every few days we have social media trends changing and new crazes coming up. With more and more users growing on social media apps, it doesn't take a long time for a trend to catch on. The latest trend is a Shell On Challenge, which is a dangerous craze seeing teens eating edibles with their packaging on. So teens are uploading videos of themselves eating unpeeled bananas, chips with plastic packaging or with a cardboard box and posting it on Snapchat. It is indeed a dangerous challenge, after the Tide Pod Challenge, which saw some of them eating detergent pods and powders. Triangle Dance Is the Latest Internet Challenge to Grip Social Media (Watch Videos).

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While gorging on some organic material like fruit peels may not be as dangerous, but eating plastic or cardboard packaging is definitely unhealthy. A physician Max Plitt was quoted to The Post, "Eating plastic, on the other hand, can be dangerous. BPA has been suggested to influence hormones. Chemicals in PVC like vinyl chloride have been linked to cancers." The KiKi Challenge is Causing Accidents, Here Are Some Other Fatal Social Media Challenges That Went Viral.

Watch Video of Shell On Challenge Taken by Some Teenagers:

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One of the videos by a high-school student became very viral on Snapchat and he just did it because he saw others doing it. "Y'all eat your lunch with or without the shell," read the caption on the video. But as it grows more popular, people have also slammed the challenge. Parents are also warned to look after their children who might eat some trash in the name of this trend.