What if she said no? Check out this man's audacious proposal tattoo

In an exclusive way of proposing, a man in the United Kingdom went above the ordinary to propose his love of the life by getting a chest tattoo.

The netizens were impresses by the man as he got a tattoo on his chest that reads, “Will you marry me?” Moreover, the romantic boyfriend even got his tattoo artist to make two ‘yes’ and ‘no’ boxes ready for her response.

Reaching another level of love and romance, the picture of his “Will you marry me?” chest tattoo has gone viral on the social media with netizens sharing all their love and blessings to the newly engaged.

Reportedly from Gloucester, the man inked those wonderful words at a famous tattoo parlour, called Gods of Ink. Receiving an yes from the girl, a heart shape was added to the corrected box. The extra-ordinary proposal happened at the tattoo parlour itself which shared the pictures of the couple on their social media page.

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