She Didn't Like The Way Banks Work; So She Started Her Own

Swati Sanyal Tarafdar
Anne Boden of Starling Bank

Banking as an industry remains an old boy’s club, but there’s been a rise in women in the C-suite thanks to a growing fintech industry. But even there, according to a study, less than 30% of the UK’s FinTech workforce was female.

So to Anne Boden, a 30-year banker who has worked with some of the biggest banks, it was clear that the industry needed a makeover. It will take another 108 years to close the overall gender gap in our global workplace and almost double that to bring about parity in the workplace, concluded the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Gender Gap Report 2018 in December, after reviewing 149 countries.

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Just about 34% of global managers are women and one of the factors catering to this low figure is the fact that “in the workplace, women still encounter significant obstacles in taking on managerial or senior official roles.” 

Boden told HuffPost she wanted to bring in a new approach when she started Starling, an app-based bank that exists only on customers’ smartphones. 


Starling has no brick and mortar branch. Customers use an app to manage their individual, joint, and business accounts, receive instant updates on income and payment activities, insights, savings and mortgage targets, and more. 

“At Starling, we operate at the axis of two traditionally male-dominated professions, banking and technology,” Boden said. “Banking has long been dominated by men, but this wasn’t always the case with technology. From the Second World...

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