#Shaveyouropinion If You Think You Can Dictate How Women Dress

Dear people who judge women for being themselves, Please go #shaveyouropinion

We know that celebrities are often given a hard time because they are expected to look a certain way, both on and off the screen. In fact, this is the reason behind trends like the ‘airport look’.

Style over comfort, right? Wrong. Television celebrities have decided to take a stand against those who judge women on their appearance and those who deem it right to dictate how women must behave.

This is why you’ve spotted social media posts of TV stars holding up razors under the #Shaveyouropinion campaign.

Jennifer Winget Remember, when you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn’t define her, it defines you. Let nothing and nobody dull your sparkle. So to those who judge us, Go #ShaveYourOpinion

It’s amazing to watch these women support each other. Slay, ladies!