Shattered medic sleeps in operating theatre after seven surgeries - and has three more to do

David Harding
Dr Zhou Yu (AsiaWire)

A Chinese doctor fell asleep in an operating theatre after carrying out seven consecutive surgeries.

Shenzhen Longgang Central Hospital orthopaedic surgeon Dai Yu was pictured sitting in the corner of the brightly lit room in his scrubs while leaning against the wall to sleep.

His colleague doctor, who took the photo, posted it online and immediately received an overwhelming response from social media users after revealing that Dai had just completed seven surgeries - and was booked for three more.

Doctor Zhou Yu and his colleagues in surgery (AsiaWire)

“Because of how many surgeries I do, I have to take breaks in order to finish them all. Another doctor just happened to take a photo of it,” said Dr Dai.

“I had 10 surgeries on the day, including four patients with bones fractures.

Doctor Zhou Yu asleep in the operating theatre (AsiaWire)

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“I entered the operating theatre at 8:30am, and by 4 or 5pm I had already done seven surgeries.

“The anaesthesiologist was putting the [next] patient under, so I took the opportunity to rest.

Doctor Zhou Yu still had three more operations to complete (AsiaWire)

“I actually think I have it easy.

“One of our residents had a 24-hour shift, tended to 13 patients and took part in an emergency surgery. Then the following day he worked with me until after 7pm.

“They’re the real heroes.”

The hospital is located in Shenzhen City, in southern China.

Social media users have praised Doctor Dai as well as other doctors who find themselves working in often understaffed facilities.

Doctor Zhou Yu with his colleagues (AsiaWire) Social media users have heaped praise on a doctor who was pictured sleeping in an operating theatre after his colleagues revealed he was actually taking a nap after seven consecutive surgeries.

Some, however, also voiced concerns, suggesting the Chinese government should look at alleviating some of their workload.

Netizen ‘Zhage Mabu’ wrote: “The supply doesn’t meet the demand here - isn’t it time for reform?”

‘Napian Yunna’ added: “Surely overworking them like this is a risk for both the doctors and the patients?”

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