Shashi Tharoor Shares How to Maintain Physical Distance Between Shopkeeper & Customer When Buying Essential Commodities Amid Social Distancing During Coronavirus Pandemic

Shaloo Tiwari

While ringing the new year 2020 bells, none of us would have thought that within two months, we would be desperately Google searching whether we will get milk tomorrow or not. None of us thought that we would be learning how to exercise social distancing what are tricks one can use to not come physical contact with your family and friends. The coronavirus pandemic has 425,902 patients tested positive as we write this today March, 25 2020. The total number of deaths due to the virus is said to be 18,955. The number of people recovered from COVID-19 is 109,225. MHA Asks States to Check Rumours About Shortage of Food, Essential Commodities. 

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However, currently, while India is on a strict 21-day lockdown, one of the most important things that left most people worried are essential commodities. How do we get essential commodities during the lockdown? Will stuff like milk and veggies be delivered to us? or how to make sure to not spread or contract the virus while buying the basic necessities. Essential Commodities Shops to Remain Open from 7 Am to 10 Am in Uttarakhand. 

Well, Shashi Tharoor took to Twitter to share a solution to that. She shared a picture on the micro-blogging site, where a shopkeeper can be seen providing a woman with rice via a big pipe-like structure. The man just poured the grain from one end of the pipe that is on his side to the other end that is on the side of the customer. This way no physical contact takes place between the two people and the woman also gets the items she has ordered. However, the picture did not specify how to the woman pays the man but we are assuming that she keeps the money on the table. Check the picture shared on Twitter by Shashi Tharoor:

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Check Another Picture Showing People Standing in Circles Outside Shops:

Picture from Vijayawada District Where The Administration Has Taken Some Vital Steps For Vegetables sale and Purchase:

On the first day of the 21-day lockdown that is being observed from March 25, people were seen abiding by the rules. People actually queued outside grocery stores in different parts of the country. Retailers also made arrangements by marking special lines on their shop floors to maintain social distancing. Pictures from Uttar Pradesh's Noida and Sangli in Maharashtra showed people practising social distancing while buying essential commodities.